Person Centered Thinking

I value things in my like that give me a sense of belonging. I want to be included in community activities and to have friends who support me.

People in services often have more people in their lives who are paid than those who aren’t. If the people closest to you are paid to support you, you can still have a great life full of things that are important to you. I bet, however, that most of us wouldn’t be satisfied with that. For most of us, it’s important to have connections and relationships that are natural, not just with people who are paid. I want a life in which I am supported by and contributing to my community.

As a part of Person Centered Thinking, we have new strategies for helping people we support move from a “service life” where people take care of them, to a “good paid life” with paid people around them and a few real connections, and ultimately to a “community life” with a circle of friends. We can’t make this happen without you. Will you help?